Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rime To Read, A TOS Homeschool Review

RimeToRead is a program for a very specific target audience: beginning readers. RimeToRead is color coded, and based on rimes, or word families. The creators are experts, both hold PhD's, and their areas of expertise include reading and special education.

I want to point out that my daughter might not be considered a "beginning" reader. She's 9 years old and we're working to remediate developmental delays in areas of language processing. She has a HUGE sight word vocabulary and can read early readers. Her comprehension is lagging, and we have looked for ideas to help us as we work to give her meaning when she reads.

One of the first things I noticed when she and I began to read RimeToRead together is the confidence she had when she saw the simple text. There was some anxiety on her part because she could not see the length of the book when we read it straight from the computer. She likes to know when the end is getting close. But the story was simple enough, the pictures also simple and appropriate with the text, and the words within her grasp, and she settled down and read, and enjoyed it. And she likes to join me when we return to it, too.

Over the course of the 20 books, the number of words on the pages increases, and the creators of RimeToRead use many word families in each story, and I had an "ah-ha" moment (something that went along with the spelling program we're reviewing and the internet curriculum that has a big language arts emphasis): my daughter isn't always discriminating certain sounds, particularly short vowels that are in the middle of words. The RimeTo Read stories have been wonderful assets for us as we sit down together and really read the text. She has to pay attention--oh, it's been such GOOD practice! ;)

When you make a purchase, on the "My Books" page of the web site, you receive a tip of the week from the educators who created the program. There's an option to print the books if you like. (We haven't printed any, yet, but we may print some if we plan to travel.) Here's another internet based program that has been *PERFECT* for us right now, another one that I am enthusiastic about, and one that I will happily recommend!

Customers can buy a vowel set of 4 books for $9.99, or, the entire 20 book set for $44.99. Customers may print books only once, however, computer based access is not time-limited.

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