Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Bible Timeline from Bible Charts and Maps / A TOS Crew Review

I wish that I remembered more, knew more about world history. In many cases, I don't know how events that are described in the Bible fit with world history during the same timeframe. Learning how Bible events fit into world history is interesting to me. I remember touring the J Paul Getty Museum with my family many years ago and marveling at the timelines on sculptures and sepulchres and wondering if the artists knew my Jesus.

Bible Charts and Maps sent me, free, in order to review on this blog, the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History. I received no compensation in exchange for this review.

The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History is self-explanatory -- it's a gi-normous poster that holds a circular, color coded bunch of Bible timelines and world history. There are over a thousand references in a unique format.

When the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History arrived, I had two immediate concerns. Where would I put it and how would I read the tiny print? A third concern arose -- how would I uncurl it so that it would lie flat? I tried to stick it to the wall with generous amounts of sticky tac and the 37" x 45" map which is printed on extra heavy card stock is too big, too heavy. If I had a homeschool room, I would nail it to the wall.

My homeschooler is not reading and comprehending at a level that, in my opinion, this thorough tool would be an asset for her. So, we have not looked at it together yet. My middle schooler will begin a study of world religions at school later this year, and I suspect that the map will become a hot item at my house, then. I wish I'd had this resource as I was studying Daniel with Beth Moore -- it would have complemented and enhanced my study, and I look forward to having it as a reference with Bible studies in the future. It's really interesting to study -- and if you're like me, you'll need your reading glasses or a magnifying glass.

FYI: There are some Mormon references on the timeline.

Buyers of the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History ($29.97) also receive two free downloads, the Interactive Map of the Holy Land ($14.97 value) and a Digital Amazing Timeline ($14.97 value).

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