Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Young Minds - Numbers and Counting, a TOS Crew Review

Sometimes, I get to review for a company a second time. Here's one of those times. Math Tutor DVD sent me two DVD's as part of last year's Crew tour. This time around, I was given, at no charge to me, a copy of Young Minds-Numbers and Counting from Math Tutor DVD.

Priced at $19.99 from the Math Tutor DVD web site (a 20% discount from the list price of $24.99), this dvd focus on exactly what it says it does: numbers and counting. From the Math Tutor DVD web site: Each number is presented with photographs, video, and animation. Numbers are animated to fly-in from off screen and show the child how to count by counting objects that they are naturally interested in. Animals such as frogs, horses, jellyfish, sharks, whales, and more are shown to the viewer along with the animal sounds. Colors are also taught by pointing out the color of objects on screen.

My homeschooler and I liked it. I am not able to predict what she might like (or dislike) and she and I were captivated. The classical music, the video clips, and the photographs are beautiful.

The voice over is performed by a child, which I suspect makes the video more appealing to children. Becky Bailey, PhD mentioned at a conference I attended that children process 11 times slower than adults. The voice-over on the video is presented at a really nice pace for young children or children with auditory processing delays.

The DVD presents vocabulary words and concepts that include colors, animal names, object names, and action words in addition to numbers and counting. Animal and object sounds are presented, too.

I figured that my daughter and I would be bored because we know our numbers and counting to 10. I was not bored. The images are captivating and I wanted to see what was next. I wish I'd had something like this when my children were babies! (Some of the videos we owned were so annoying for the parents!) The creators of the DVD have done a nice job mixing up still photos with videos and counting items and actions. The music and pictures are soothing, too. I suspect this would be a great calm-down video at bedtime.

Take a peek at a video sample:

To read what my Crewmates have to say about this and other Math Tutor DVD products, go HERE.

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