Monday, February 8, 2010

Kinderbach, a TOS Crew Review

Kinderbach is an online music and learn-to-play-the-piano program for young children. The first two lessons are free.

There are SIX LEVELS in Kinderbach. Each LEVEL contains 10 weekly LESSONS. Each weekly LESSON contains four sessions. The curriculum is HERE.

Karri Gregor offers an introduction to begin the weekly lesson where she describes what the sessions are about, and she tells parents what items will be needed. She uses items like crayons, noisemakers, easy-to-find-around-the-house extras.

The sessions are brief and engaging. I like the pace that Gregor uses - she understands that children process information more slowly than adults, and she speaks and teaches at an appropriate pace for her target audience.

We don't have a keyboard or piano. My homeschooler has a weekly music therapy class and she's beginning to explore the piano with her music therapist. My homeschooler has expressed more of an interest in the drums, so her interest (which means fewer protests and a lot more cooperation) is really new. When I encourage a new interest too much, my daughter sometimes begins to feel pushed, her anxiety rises, and she begins to resist something that I saw her enjoying. I don't want to interfere with her enjoyment of music therapy, with the discoveries she's making there, thus, I chose not to use Kinderbach with my homeschooler at this time. This is one item that I want to get to know first, so that if we use it for a child w/ autism, I can time it appropriately for her. This review is an informational review.

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