Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homeschool in the Woods Maps, a TOS Homeschool Crew Review

Activity Paks - that's what I associate with Home School in the Woods, because I reviewed one of their activity paks on the last Crew voyage.

I was a really new homeschooler last year, and had not heard of Home School In The Woods -- and I learned really quickly that HSITW is a popular company among homeschool circles.
I didn't need long to learn why the company is so popular - their products are thorough and children like them, and prices are affordable, too.

**This Crew voyage, I was given in order to review a download for the new Home School in the Woods set of Olde World Style Maps that include World Maps and United States Maps. I was given the download at no cost; I received no other compensation. I am not required to provide a positive review.**

We live more than 600 miles from family. When we make a road trip, the drive takes all day. Traveling that far in one day means we hear many many times, "How much longer 'til we get there?" I am looking forward to printing a set (for each child) of the maps of the states we cross on our drive, perhaps with our route highlighted in some way. Home School in the Woods gives me three choices and I have to decide whether to use the outline, the no-label version (with geographical features pictured but not labeled), or the labeled version (state capitol and geographical features are labeled). I'm leaning toward the labeled version - and I can use stickers to mark cities we pass on our way so the children will have a visual to show them how far we've gone and how far we have left to travel.

There are notebooking pages included with each set.

I like the versitility of the map sets. I can use them now to learn a few facts for a developmentally appropriate unit study, and I like the ability to print a couple at a time. We can color some, print and cut out the picture of the state flag, identify the state by shape. Later, we can use the same maps for a study that is more in-depth. And I can print the same states again and again as we travel to and from the place where I grew up.

I think the "Olde World Style" maps would be beautiful printed on cream or taupe paper. I can imagine them in a picture frame (especially my beloved home state). ;)

The World Map set gives us both Ancient and Modern style maps. We haven't done much world history (a little bit of Egypt last year) - and I wish I'd thought during the Olympics to print some of these in order to look at the home countries (or states) of some of the athletes. (Would you believe she refused to look at the figure skating competetion on TV? I can't explain that one yet.)

My homeschooler has asked more questions lately about places in the United States and places in the world, and as her interest grows, I will feed it. And I have the perfect framework with these map sets. I predict we'll get a lot of use from them. It's another product that I wouldn't have put on a list to purchase - shortside of me, and now I know better. The download (or CD) gives them a longevity that a workbook of maps does not have.

A peek inside both sets and free samples are available here.

The map sets are priced as a download at $18.95 each; on CD at $19.95 each.

The two-set download is available at $28.95; on CD, $29.95.

To read the reviews of my Crewmates about the map sets, go here.

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