Saturday, August 29, 2009

Web Design For Kids! ...And Curious Grown Ups! : A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

Today, I have a guest blogger, who happens to be my beautiful 12-year-old daughter! She watched the Web Design For Kids (And Curious Grown Ups) DVD and created her own web page. (My homeschooled child who happens to be on the autism spectrum is not yet ready to design her own web page. )

She used a laptop computer, watching the DVD and going through the steps to design a web page all in one place. I enjoyed hearing her talk to herself as she experimented, saying, "THAT IS SO COOL!" several times while she was working. She had a lot of fun experimenting with different colors on her page. :)

Here's the review that my 12-year-old daughter wrote:

This DVD was very helpful. It provided information in an easy to understand step by step format. I especially liked how the DVD went over every possible problem that could result from doing things wrong. The host, along with his two helpers were doing everything right in front of you. This makes it so there are minimal mistakes on your part. At one point, I couldn't get a background to work, and a quick pause of the video fixed everything.The host often messed things up on purpose, demonstrating what might happen of things went wrong. Also, there were many tips in the video, such as "Do one thing at a time. Change one thing, save, and refresh. Change another thing, save refresh. This way, you will know what caused a problem if there ever is one." There were many shortcuts in the video as well, one of them being "press F5 and it will refresh your page." There were many ways shown to do one thing, so you could pick the one that was easiest for you. Overall, I liked this DVD. The only thing negative about it is that you need to be prepared to pause. They move fast, and twice I had to pause and rewind because I couldn't understand what they were saying. This is a very easy way to learn how to design a website.

I like Web Designs for Kids because it gives my children experience at the computer with basic HTML in a fun way, teaching and guiding them in a way that includes mistakes as part of the learning process. They get hands on experience at the keyboard that they can use there at other times. (And so do I.)Rather than repeat information that is on the company web site, I'll direct you there. WDFK answers frequently asked questions HERE.

The DVD is originally priced at $40, with a summer half-price special set at $19.99 + $3.99 shipping and handling.

For other reviews of this product by my Crewmates, go HERE.

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