Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Light Speed "history of the U.S. AP* Exam Prep" from cerebellum corporation, a TOS Crew Review

Advanced placement exam prep for under $15 is something that catches my attention, even though I don't have a child old enough to be prepping for AP exams.

Light Speed's history of the U.S. AP* Exam Prep is the product that caught my attention. Packaged as a DVD + digital workbook, this resource is designed to help students 9th grade and higher pass the AP U.S. History exam. "This video tutorial provides a speedy and thorough of pivotal events in U.S. History. The program covers the diverse motives of colonists through Vietnam, with emphasis on the period from 1790 to 1914."

Priced at $14.98 (as I type this the DVD is $3.74 off, on sale for $11.24), the DVD is approximately 73 minutes in length and is fast paced, packed with information, presented to viewers by young adults who are attractive and engaging. The digital workbook provides 23 pages that includes handouts, viewing worksheets, activities, worksheets, and a check your knowledge section of questions and answers. The DVD covers taking the test, writing the essay, and "30 in 30", which covers 30 topics in 30 minutes.

The DVD is so fast paced, I would have to view it several times if I were seriously prepping for the exam. "Rapid fire" is the style as the young people on the video share tips, facts, and information. If I were exam prepping for real, I'd use the pause button quite a bit on the video player.

The DVD is NOT closed captioned. (I called the company to confirm that information. The rep was friendly and helpful and she told me that captioning the videos is being considered. I told her I vote to caption them. *smile* She offered to send me more info on the videos and made sure I had no other questions before we ended our phone conversation. The staff seems to be very thorough with callers.)

I don't have a child old enough to take the AP tests. I absolutely would try this video with my children as a method to prepare for an exam. The price is reasonable, and the information is consistent with what I heard on an audio CD from a homeschool convention about successful standardized test taking. The video component combined with the workbook is an attractive combination to me. When I was preparing to take grad school entrance exams (back in the dark ages), the prep materials were thick, boring books. Video prep is engaging and fun compared to the prep books of old, and I am able to remember facts from the video (when I struggled to remember anything from those old grad prep books). If your student likes a multi-media presentation, video learning may be the way to prep for the AP exams.

I wanted to know who provided the information for the videos (there is a large selection available, and are not limited to AP exam prep). Do they know what they are talking about? I located the information on the web site: "Each Cerebellum title is written by an academic team comprised of professors from leading universities, including Yale, University of Virginia, George Washington University and Georgetown University, to name a few."

The Crew reviewed a variety of products from cerebellum CORPORATION. (I happened to receive the history of the U.S. product). To read my Crewmates' reviews of cerebellum CORPORATION, please stand by for a link.

As part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew of reviewers, I was given a complimentary copy of Light Speed's Home Video Learning "history of the U.S. AP* Exam Prep". I am not compensated for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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PaintCrazy said...

If it's anything like the old Standard Deviants DVD's I bet it's pretty decent. We have used Standard Deviants American Government 1 & 2 and really liked it. I believe they are now owned by Cerebellum. I also have one on Spanish and a set on pre-Algebra that we are getting ready to break out.

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