Monday, February 1, 2010

Math Score (dot com)/ Accurate Learning, a TOS Crew Review

The use of repetition in order to learn math facts is a useful strategy. The makers of (graduates of MIT!) designed their online subscription based program for Grades 1 through 9 with that in mind.

This is one of those products that I like and my homeschooler is not quite developmentally ready for. I more than a little disappointed -- although I am certain we're making progress, I was hoping my girl would be ready for this. We are using manipulatives, lots of "real" math with visuals, and are avoiding the use of written symbols at this point. She's grasping more and more concepts, but not quite ready for working with symbols. She can easily copy numerals in the "copycat" mini-lesson and the worksheet - but she balked at anything else. She needs more "hands on" work before we attempt a worksheet to count blocks or add or subtract or anything more challenging with actual symbols.

Because the MathScore math problems gradually increase in difficulty as the student succeeds, my helping my daughter means she's getting more difficult problems than she needs. Allowing her to try without my help means frustration for her, and she is reluctant to return to the computer to try again. I don't want to make her dislike math, so we're putting MathScore on hold until she's ready for that kind of practice. (In case you're wondering about my public schoolers, my middle schooler has not needed practice in algebra; my elementary schooler is holding his own without repetition and practice, although he would benefit from MathScore and I intend to have him get to work on it.)

Students who make progress in MathScore are awarded trophies and scores, which are rewarding to a lot of children.

Signing up was easy and we had no problems entering information. The subscription is priced at $14.95/month for the first child, with prices decreasing with each child in the family, and discounts for pre-payment of a 9 months. I like the option to put your account on hold during the holidays or vacation.

There is a free trial available, so you can test it out for yourself.

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