Friday, February 6, 2009

Bible Story Songs, A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

I love music! I grew up in a church that gave priority to a Wednesday night music program for children, and I learned many Bible verses there, in song. Some of the fun, catchy tunes stick with me still today, and they pop up in my mind when I read the Bible verse that I first learned in song.

Bible Story Songs remind me of the music we sang on Wednesday nights at church when I was in elementary school. I want my children to love singing Bible songs like I did, and I like to find music that is contagious, like the songs we sang when I was a child.

I'm particular about music for my children, because I don't like to listen to stuff I don't like! (Makes perfect sense to me! *grin*) When my children went through a purple dinosaur phase, I thought I'd go nuts!

We reviewed "MOSES", and we have really enjoyed the fun, catchy tunes! The voices of the children singing in harmony is uplifting as the songs take the listeners through the story of Moses. The lyrics really do illustrate the Bible story in a fun way, and children don't realize they're learning as they begin to sing along!

From a mom who thought the purple dinosaur would drive her batty, this CD is easy on Mom's ears, a pleasure to hear! They're great in the car, at home, and they'd super in a church nursery, too! They would make a great gift for a friend or niece or nephew, as well!

Each CD is priced at $9.99. There are a variety of Old Testament and New Testament selections from which to choose. Check out the website for song books, sheet music, puzzle books, a song-a-day are available now, plus Bible Story Songs has blog coming soon!

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