Friday, November 19, 2010

KB Teachers; a TOS Crew Review

KB Teachers is a web site that offers printable worksheets and worksheet generators for parents and professionals who work with/teach children.

We don't usually review a product that is a work in progress, but this time, we are. The KB Teachers folks are improving and adding content as I type, with more to come, which means the site will get even better.

Priced at $29 a year, or $49 for two years, subscribers have quick access to developmentally appropriate materials. KB Teachers resources cover all academic content areas and give the subscriber access to fun motifs that allow you to tailor worksheets for your younger children to their interests. (A lot of children on the autism spectrum like dinosaurs; KB Teachers gives you dinasaurs!)

KB Teachers is a big time saver for me, and it helps keep me on track with lesson planning. I know that there are lots of free worksheets on the internet. Using a search engine and sorting through the web sites to find ones we can use or that fit our unit study topic can be a big time waster. Often those searches take you to blogs of other homeschoolers who share materials they created for free. Usually those blogs are new to me and I spend a little time skimming them - when I really don't have the time. Having KB Teachers available means I go to ONE web site, generate the math or money worksheet or a seasonal activity, print what I need, and I'm done. No rabbit trails.

Here's why I really like KB Teachers: I homeschool a child who has big ups and downs. Some days are wonderful, her neurology is working for her, and we get a lot done. Some days, like today as I write his review, her nose is running like faucet, she's got the "sneezles", and her attention and frustration tolerance are much shorter. Days like today, she tends to balk at anything that looks like schoolwork, yet, she'll join me in something that looks "fun" to her. Today is a day that I can head over to KB Teachers and quickly print a maze or a few fun activity sheets. No crazy internet searches that take too much time. One web site, a little looking around for the right thing, print, done. I have had no problems choosing and printing worksheets.

Copywork that I find in unit studies is often not formatted in a way that we can best use it. I do like the handwriting generator that allows me to tak a quote from an existing page of copywork, enter it in order to reformat a quote or passage, putting fewer phrases or sentences on a page.

I also appreciate the e-mail updates from KB Teachers that let me know when new content, especially seasonal content, is added for me to use.

Additional costs: Subscribers will need a printer, toner, copy paper, and perhaps card stock.

Bottom line: I like KB Teachers because of the convenience and the time saving it gives me in our situation. I suspect it'll save me money in the long run; I am not as attracted to all the new workbooks at the warehouse club knowing I can find or generate a worksheet quickly. (Sorting through workbooks for the just-right activity can be frustrating and time consuming, too.)

KB Teachers has materials for older children; I did not use any of them (we're not ready for them at my house), but others on the Crew did. To read other Crew reviews about KB Teachers, go HERE.

KB Teachers has a facebook page:

KB Teachers gave me a 2-year subscription so that I may use the web site and review it on my blog. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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