Saturday, February 7, 2009

Math Tutor DVD's: A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

I hated the parts of math and algebra that I struggled to understand in junior high school, high school and college. The classes that I took seemed to move faster than I could master the concepts, and I remember one college course where I learned to DO the work, but not as quickly as the professor expected me to, and my grades were low not because I could not do the work correctly, but because I could not complete his timed tests.

I have to wonder if I'd have done better during those years with a resource like Math Tutor DVDs. My children and I reviewed two videos, the eight-hour "Basic Math Word Problem Tutor" course and the six-hour "Algebra 2 Tutorrel=”nofollow”" course.

The videos are very straightforward, with Jason Gibson standing in front of a white board with a marker. He gives a brief introduction, he reads a problem, and he illustrates how to go about solving the problem using the marker and white board.

I see many uses for these videos! Parents might want to watch them to brush up or learn concepts as they are teaching their own children. Families, public and private schools might use them in place of expensive tutoring. I think that there are times when a parent needs to remove himself or herself from the equation of explaining math to a child. One of those times is when the child becomes so anxious or frustrated that the child shuts down to learning, moving from the thinking part of the brain and into fight-or-flight. Using a video like one of these removes the parent from the equation, and Gibson goes slowly through the concepts in a calm and confident voice, guiding the viewer through the concepts. Gibson's teaching is solid and thorough. (I do not like his counting on his fingers when he's adding in the word problems video.)

For now, I will not use these DVDs with my child who struggles with auditory processing. Gibson uses lots and lots of words, and his delivery, while excellent for those who have no processing delays, is too much for someone who has challenges in processing spoken language. Please check the Math DVD web site and view some of the samples if you're considering these for a child w/ language processing challenges so that you can make your own determination.

Video samples are available on the Math Tutor DVD web site. Topics available for purchase include basic math, word problems, algebra, geometry, trig and pre-cal, calculus, probability and physics, with more DVD's in the works.

All Math Tutor DVDs come with a money-back guarantee.

The Math Tutor DVD web site currently is advertising this LIMITED TIME FREE BONUS: Each new Math Tutor DVD customer receives 60 minutes of FREE live online tutoring available 24/7 through! A $35.00 Value! The company offers discounts for Facebook users, including a current promotion of a $10 off coupon; and they give away a set of videos a month in a drawing from a pool of folks who sign up here.

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