Sunday, February 21, 2010

Math Mammoth, a TOS Crew Review

As I have been introduced to companies that produce materials marketed to homeschoolers, there are some that I return to again and again. Maria Miller and Math Mammoth is one of those companies.
Math Mammoth worked with us as individuals, and allowed us to choose what we'd like to review. The new "Make It Real" Learning series looks exciting, but we're not ready to use something like that, yet, and I did not request it. I'll buy it when the time is right for *any* of my children, not just the homeschooler.

Neither Miller nor I were certain that my homeschooler is ready for the Math Mammoth Grade 1B Complete Worktext in e-book form from the light blue series, that includes place value (tens and ones); adding and subtracting within 1-100; coins; the clock; and measuring, and Miller was willing to let me try it. An 18-page sample from the unit I was given is here. The full worktext is 113 pages.

The more I read about development of concepts of math, the more I realize that my daughter is not ready for worksheets. We're concentrating more on hands-on math and less on worksheets, giving her experience in concepts and not worrying about symbols for now.

Miller provides several pages (throughout the worktext) of live links to free internet resources to supplement the pages in the worktext. Just click through to the resource -- easy!

Miller gives me information about "tens", how to help the child experience and understand "tens" that I had not considered before (see page 9 of the sample).

The beauty in the worktext is the fact that it's not just a bunch of worksheets. The games and links to supporting resources are fun and helpful. The worksheets are great, even for me, who is avoiding worksheets at the moment, because Miller gives me ideas to draw from as we work using manipulatives at home. I can keep on track using the worktext. I can print a page or pages if I choose to, and not have to worry about storing yet another workbook on my bookshelves.

The Math Mammoth Grade 1B Complete Worktext is priced at $15.50 for the download.

Additional items: You'll need an abacus and a printer, toner, and paper. Additionally, you will need some manipulatives (dominos, craft pom poms, anything small for arranging into patterns for counting and grouping in exercises and games), an "old-timey" clock w/ a face and hands, a ruler that measures in inches and one that measures in centimeters, too.

Math Mammoth offers free resources, a blog, and a newsletter.

Check out the reviews of this product and other Math Mammoth products by my Crewmates HERE.

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