Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Children's Bible Hour Seasons of Faith, a TOS Homeschool Crew Review

Children's Bible Hour Ministries has produced radio shows since 1942. I've known about them for a long time. I haven't always had access to their radio shows.

Today, CBH Ministries produces more than radio shows, including Bibles, devotionals, audio dramas, tracts and story books.

Children's Bible Hour Ministries sent crew members (at no charge to crew members) the new Seasons of Faith series of story books and audio CDs to review.

The set of four books includes Race with Midnight; You Can't Come In; Seventy Times Seven; and Braving the Storm. Each book/cd combination is individually priced at $10 and the 4-book/cd series is priced at $40.

The stories are engaging, are about situations that children can relate to (for those important self-to-text and text-to self comparisons), they're short (approximately 15 minutes in length) and the illustrations are attractive and well done. Readers and listeners are offered information about salvation at the end of each story.

The combination of book and CD is great for children with unique learning needs, especially those with more than one challenge (for example, auditory processing challenges and reading challenges). We've begun to experiment with using both, so my daughter can follow the text, look at the illustrations, and listen to the story, simultaneously. Having both the audio recording and the book takes a lot of pressure off of a new reader.

I think they'd make a nice gift for a birthday, Easter basket, Christmas, and would be a great addition to a children's ministry at church.

To read the reviews of Seasons of Faith by my Crewmates, click HERE.

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