Monday, May 25, 2015

Shame On You aka What Not To Do at Graduation

My firstborn was graduating from high school. I found a sitter for the sib w/ autism. Finding sitters is a challenge - families with kids with special needs know how difficult it is to find a sitter so that we can be there.

My husband's sister, brother-in-law, two great nieces drove in from another state. So did my mother, my sister, and my nephew. High school graduation is a big deal!

The announcer called her name. Her senior photo was displayed on the big screen above the stage. Two jerks on the row in front of us took that at as a cue to stand up to leave the stadium at that particular moment. My mom was videotaping the moment. They ruined it. We can't get it back. The couple showed no remorse and offered no apology, and for that I am angry. Because my mother was videotaping the important moment, she caught the rude people on video. Their mug shots are below. I see my kid's photo on the big screen and the principal on stage, but that man is blocking my daughter. An apology would be nice. They should purchase the video of the event for our family.

I am thankful that I somehow managed to get a photograph of my daughter shaking the principal's hand. I was at the very left of our row and the couple obstructed my view last of all our family.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Autism Gets In the Way

Autism and its sibling, anxiety, stole from me my firstborn's last high school concert ever. I hate what autism has stolen from us.

Here is where we should have been instead, the concert we had to leave. At least I could sort of hear the music from the other side of the property. *sigh*
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