Monday, March 31, 2014

Perfect Zoo Weather

My homeschooler has been begging for a trip to the zoo. After months of freezing cold, we had a perfect weather day for a field trip. Some of the animals were not cooperative when I was taking pictures:

 An ostrich, a zebra, and an eland

Tonight, we are spending some time looking up each animal we saw at the zoo today and learning about what each animal eats.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

PATH: Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

I attended an event that was organized to provide information about the transitions for adolescents and adults with disabilities. I've been in our 'new' state almost three years, and there are still opportunities that I don't know about. Resources, supports, opportunities are poorly advertised and communicated here compared to where we used to live.

Just in case you've never heard of this opportunity, allow me to introduce you to the PATH: Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope.

A quick google search yielded this description with photos:

The PATH is a planning tool for the future of an individual with a disability, facilitated by a team of two, attended by family, friends, teachers, professionals in that individual's life. Our county's ARC offers the PATH and I learned Saturday that middle school age or early high school age is not to early to complete one.

Interestingly, the local ARC web site does not mention the PATH. It is another one of those frustrating how-am-I-supposed-to-know-what-I-don't-know things.

I have to figure out when we can make this happen in 2014 around travel baseball, summer camps, football and marching band schedules.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Feel Like That Inside

A baby on the aisle next to us at Target was crying this morning.

"Mom, do you hear that baby crying?! That is exactly how I feel inside right now." my girl told me.

I knew she was done. Ready to go. She'd already expressed that to me in a calm fashion. But I had to find her sister's facial scrub as the last thing to go into the cart before we headed to checkout. Still, she was aware of how she felt and was able to regulate a few moments longer instead of screaming with that baby!

A. very. big. deal. indeed! 

All the work over the years on physical awareness, on physically stopping, on physical control, is moving into mental and abstract modes.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ready for Our Closeup

We were movie stars for an evening as we shot a scene in a movie coming out in the fall. The band has a role and the parents were extras in the stands at a football game in the story.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Honor Band #3

This proud mama is home sweet home after delivering an amazing sibling to and from a national honor band weekend. No photos were allowed during the concert; this photo was taken during the warm-up.

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