Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mom's Hummingbirds

My homeschooler and I spent Labor Day at my mother's house.

When I was there in May, Mom showed me a nest in one of her ferns. And we were surprised to see a cowbird egg alongside four other eggs. We got rid of the cowbird egg.

My mom has quite a few hummingbird feeders, which have paid off with lots of hummingbirds. I wanted to take some pictures of them. They know my mother. When she comes outside, they flock to her feeders and come close to her, clearly comfortable with her.

When I was outside, alone, the few that were willing to come toward me (not close to me in the way they come close to my mom) observed me from a distance. Sitting...
Or mid air... 
We have spent some time reading about cowbirds because of the egg we found in the nest in May. Now, we can spend some time reading about hummingbirds.
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