Monday, September 29, 2008

INTRODUCTION: New to homeschooling (but not new to autism)

I joined the world of full-time homeschoolers, reluctantly, after Christmas of 2007, when I accepted the fact that the public schools are not equipped to educated my child with autism, and that maybe, just maybe, *I* am.

Full-time homeschooler? Is there such a thing as a part-time homeschooler, you may be wondering? Well, yes, there is! Many parents of children on the autism spectrum supplement heavily at home on nights and weekends what the public schools do during the weekdays. I was one of them for over six years. Or maybe we were homeschoolers who supplemented what we did at home with public school.

As I have entered the world of full-time homeschoolers, for one of my children, anyway, (the sibs are still in public school for now, although the idea of bringing them home grows more attractive all the time), I have learned of many resources that would have helped me teach my daughter at home when I was one of the part-time homeschoolers. I have been amazed by the variety of tools, curricula, information, resources available to homeschoolers. I can't believe I never thought to look there before!

My hope is that I would introduce parents like me to resources they might not have known about because they've never thought to look into the world of homeschooling, or who would not consider homeschooling because they did not feel they had the supports to do so. Whether you're a full-time homeschooler, or a part-timer, of a child on the autism spectrum or with other special learning needs, this blog is for you.


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

oh i see you just started it!! but i am really looking forward to reading more. gonna add it to my blog roll.

lydia said...

Hi, I found your blog while browsing for more information on home schooling autism. May I know how old is your child when you first started home schooling? How old is she now? I browsed through your archive... but there's so much to read, but so little time. I am definitely going back to this place again and again.

Penny said...

Hi Lydia!

My daughter was 8.5 when I began and she is 13 now. :)

Thanks for peeking at my blog.


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