Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Field Trip: JOBROS!!!!!!


The Glasers said...

So, how did the young miss like it?????

Pamela went to her first rock concert last February (Christian rock) and she loved it! I brought all of the necessary ear protection, but she preferred her fingers . . . so I used them myself when the Christian metal band played!

Penny said...

Overall, A. did okay. We arrived super early, 5:30 pm or so for a 7pm concert (we needed to get there that early for parking and such -- one of the girls in our group is on crutches), which made the night really REALLY long.

There were TWO opening acts, a girl band, and then a copycat Jonas Bros band, and the JoBros didn't take the stage until, oh, closer to 8:30 pm, I guess.

When the JoBros finally took the stage, she danced and sang w/ their first song, yelling in my ear, "Mom, the REAL Jonas Brothers ROCK!" and after the first song, she was DONE, ready to go home. She sat in her seat, pulled her knees up close, and told me she was ready to go home.

We walked around by the concession stands, found an employee, who guided us to seats behind the stage, behind the speakers, behind the lights, and she was FINE there. You can see one of our pics is from behind the stage, one is from our seats in the front.

She wore BOTH ear plugs AND noise canceling headphones.

Thanks to the wonderful arena staff, we had an AWESOME time! ;)

The Greens said...

I'll be posting pics soon of Paul in his headphones at a hockey game! Kudos to you, supermom, for taking on an adventure like that!!!

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