Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Side by Side

I am counting the offering at Vacation Bible School again this year. We have a stellar counting team of three and finished an hour early today. With some free time, I spent some time people watching as people went through the halls. (Actually, I was waiting for a teen that I was to deliver to a swim meet in the middle of VBS. I got to do people watching while I waited since we finished stacking, wrapping, counting the offering.)

Two teenage girls caught my eye. They whizzed quickly around a corner and walked past me, shoulders touching, two young women completely in sync. They were deep in conversation; I'm not sure they knew I was there. They navigated a couple of steps together, dodged people walking toward them, navigated another corner, and stayed physically in sync the entire time.

Multi-tasking. Coordinating actions. Co-regulating. Moving together, in sync, a common location in mind (probably the snack room), the same pace, moving, talking, turn taking, interacting, seamlessly.

Quite a contrast to the blog post I wrote recently about a very different couple that I observed.

The non-verbal pieces are really important for our kids on the autism spectrum. Making sure they get practice and experience in the multi-tasking, coordinated actions, co-regulation is not high on a lot of lists of professionals and teachers, but it should be.

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