Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Pancakes for supper sounded soooooooo yummy to me tonight. Since I have a King Authur gluten free flour mix, I chose a recipe from King Arthur (here). Without any milk-substitute, I used water.  The taste did not satisfy my craving for pancakes - something was missing.  Toward the end of the batch of batter, I dumped in a couple of tablespoons of syrup and that improved the taste considerably. My GFCF+++++F girl has eaten quite a few of them.  I'm glad she likes them!
Next time, maybe I'll try adding apple sauce (as per THIS recipe).
I very much miss a gas cooktop. This house came with a brand new glass cooktop and in 19 months, I still haven't figured out the temperature controls on the eyes - they do not seem consistent to me and I am frustrated almost every time I cook on them. Wish gas stoves were more common here. (Yeah, I know. First world problem. I am blessed to have such servants as an indoor, electric stove and I know that.)

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