Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Costco Let Me Down Again

I don't understand Costco, especially the Costco here (in my 'new' town).

My local Costco often fails to have in stock an item I regularly need/buy. I did not have this problem at the Costco in Michigan when we lived there.

My Michigan friends tell me what a wonderful selection of gluten free items their Costco has. Ours has a couple of those items, but not as many as my Michigan friends have. I don't understand.

Last week, as I prepared to take a child for surgery, I spent a lot of time on the phone with medical staff in preparation. The day before surgery, I was told that my child would have to consume clear broth and crackers before she was allowed to leave the hospital. I knew I would have to bring with  me to the hospital all of the food for a child with a long list of allergies. I had to wait until someone could sit with my injured child before I could head out to shop. The night before surgery, I headed to Costco for boxes of organic chicken broth - all allergen free and safe for my child. COSTCO. WAS. OUT. OF. CHICKEN. BROTH. AND. DID. NOT. KNOW. WHEN. THEY. WOULD. HAVE. MORE.

I have lost count of the number of times something similar has happened. Costco is like a glorified dollar store - you can't count on any item being in stock, and for reasons I do not understand, Michigan stores carry a better variety of all-natural, organic, and allergen free food items than the stores in the middle of the country.



Diane said...

Experienced the same thing. Costco in WA state in most cities were great. In Houston, not so much. They did not carry much of anything that could be eaten by a family with allergies.

They just opened another location much closer to me and I have been dragging my feet to go- I just don't want to be disappointed again.

hope surgery went well.

Dawn Marcotte said...

First- I hope the surgery went well. Next - it is unfortunate, but stores like Costco tend to stock what sells and if items don't sell in your area they aren't going to have them. Are you familiar with Trader Joe's? I don't know if they are a local chain just here in the midwest or not, but they have a wide variety of all natural foods. I hope this helps..

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