Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Plan Your Teacher Gifts Now

School is just beginning - the time is too soon to worry about Christmas or even end of the school year gifts, right?


Allow me to tell you about my favorite teacher gift. Are you familiar with the legend about the starfish? Here is one version. Here is another.

My favorite teacher/therapist gift is starfish themed.

I use card stock or construction paper as a background for a bookmark. I format the poem to fit on a bookmark, add "Thank you for making a difference in me!" and have my daughter sign her name. I size photos of my child working with the teacher to fit the bookmark and attach them to the back of my bookmark. Then, I laminate my homemade two-sided bookmark and I attach the bookmark to a gift with a starfish motif. Yes, I should have taken a photo the last time I made bookmarks, but alas, I did not. You'll have to imagine it.

When you begin looking, you'll probably notice all sorts of items with a starfish motif. You may find some bargains now as summer items are put on clearance. Look for jewelry, candles, picture frames.

Your to do list so you'll be prepared at gift giving time:
- take some action photos of the teacher or therapist working with your child
- cruise stores for items with a starfish motif

Hint: print extra copies of the poem in case your child needs to practice.

Thank you, readers, for making a difference in me.

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