Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preview Practice

Parent and family weekend at the university is fast approaching, and I had just one home football game to use to scout the event for challenges. Big Sis is in the (LOUD) marching band and I love to watch her perform. (Side note: Much to my surprise, finding my kid in a ball cap is much more challenging than finding her in a shako.)
My desire is that the entire family go to Parent and Family Weekend. I have less than two weeks to preview the experience for my girl w/ ASD and a list of sensory challenges and to prepare for the challenges. Someone from the university posted quite a few videos from the first home football game, so I am attempting to watch some of the video with my daughter. She is less than cooperative. We will take her ear plugs and noise canceling headphones. I may walk around behind the stands with her for much of the game to avoid the loud recorded music, sirens, fireworks, noisy special effects. She will bring her little handheld video game. We will probably take two vehicles so that I can leave with her while the guys stay to watch the end of the football game. I told her about the cotton candy that was sold at the first home game (she loves cotton candy, and as much as I hate the sugar and dye, if it will get us there until the band performs at halftime, it is a good incentive).

Wish us luck! And if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

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