Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A&E's "Born This Way" and ...


A&E Network airs a new show, "Born This Way," about young adults who happen to have Down Syndrome. I am watching with interest because I am the mother of a teenager on the autism spectrum, and we encounter some of the same issues the families of the young adults with DS are working through. Independence. Employment. Friends. A support system. The show is positive and I especially enjoy the segments with the parents.

My teen with ASD joined me last night to watch "Born This Way". I was thrilled that she joined me. She's been talking about a job and asking when she can move out. The young adults on "Born This Way" are asking those questions, too.

My gripe: Why would A&E allow Viagra to advertise during a family friendly show like "Born This Way"? I'm not ready to discuss erectile dysfunction with my teenager and I don't expect to see an ad for Viagra during a family friendly G rated show. Individuals with Down Syndrome and with autism spectrum disorders can be experts and hearing something once and having it memorized, then repeating it. We parents don't need Viagra ads during family friendly shows.

Why, A&E, why?

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