Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let's Be Scientists: The Schoolhouse Planner December e-Module

I've just gotten a peek at the December module of The Schoolhouse Planner and I am excited about it! It's a 54 page module that is a unit study called, "Let's Be Scientists" and it is priced at $7.95 in The Old Schoolhouse store on-line. (Click HERE to view a sample of this item.)

Weather, astronomy, recycling, gooey experiments and gross stuff, recipes--it's all there!

The module includes a section on the human body with lots of hyperlinks to fun, kid friendly information. I've not ever seen before tonight the experiment the module introduces that allows you to see your pulse, and it is one of several in the module that I'm running through my head in terms of how I will use this one to work on a relationship objective one-on-one with my child w/ autism, and some that we can do as a family. There are so many possibilities here! ;)

There's a quiz, a word search, a chart to fill in, some coloring pages (including one that contains a "no nose picking" message--I'll probably print that first) and pages of copywork (all of the copywork in this module comes from the book of Genesis). There are three pages of resource links at the end of the module, followed by answer keys to the quizzes, word search and chart.

We're a family who must consider ingredients and materials lists carefully because of food allergies, and I'm pleased to see that we are going to be able to use several of the experiments with no modifications! (Gotta love that!) The recipes all contain wheat or milk products or both, though, and appear to be difficult for me to modify for us (we'll just skip the recipes at our house).

If you're looking for a unit study that is science related, this one's got a little bit of everything, and I like (a lot) what I am seeing!

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