Monday, February 2, 2009

Update - revisiting behaviors of the past and new resources to review

We've had a bumpy three weeks. My daughter was prescribed an antibiotic (for an abscessed tooth) that quickly caused diarrhea, and so she was given a second antibiotic within 24 hours. Her ability to self regulate deteriorated quickly, she broke out in a rash and hives, and she and I have been recovering from it for almost three weeks. I suspect we have a yeast problem at this point.

The stuff I observe from the outside, which I have always considered the "autism" has increased dramatically, and I've seen behaviors that I have not seen in a very long while. The longer I teach her at home, the more I am able to link allergic reactions to behaviors or illness to behaviors. The "autism", I believe, may not be "autism" at all.

Interestingly, I heard from a support-group friend whose son was given the same antibiotic as my daughter was given first, and my friend reports similar "regression", and the same set back in areas of self control and self regulation. She said that she had begun to wonder at times if her boy could be hallucinating. (Regression: I don't know what else to call it. I don't think it's a true regression, like we saw after a chicken pox vaccine when she was 12 months old, but it feels like more than one step backwards.) Watching your child go through this is extremely difficult.

Changing gears

In the meantime, the TOS Homeschool Crew is moving along, and in the past couple of weeks, I have received or been promised quite a few new products to use and review at home:

Heads Up! sent a variety of colored overlays, and those of you familiar w/ Irlen Lenses will know what these are. I read Melinda Boring's book about homeschooling several years ago. I had no idea she had so many items in her catalog.

Bonnie Terry's web site offers some products for students with special learning needs sent several items, including "Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills"; and both the student book and teacher's book to "Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills". Last year, I took a guided reading workshop for teachers (I'm a parent) and wished then I had more materials to support me as I home school, and as I look at these materials, I think I got my wish.

Artistic Pursuits sent Book One for Grades K-3, "An Introduction to the Visual Arts". (If you don't have an art curriculum, consider one. There are some incredible resources available!)

Spell Quizzer sent their cool software via e-mail. I have not figured out how to get my microphone to work with it yet, but we can type in the answers in the meantime.

We are beginning to use the DE (digital edition) of Year One, Unit One from Tapestry of Grace, a study of Moses. This curriculum is HUGE! I chose Y1U1 because my daughter enjoys learning about Egypt. I have a few books waiting for me at the library to go with this comprehensive and versatile study. I'm going to get some practice modifying curriculum for my child with autism on this one!

Amy Pak from Home School in the Woods sent us a couple of days ago, the newest download in their Hands-On History Activity-Pak series, "The New Testament." We have not used an activity pak yet--this will be new to us!

Maria Miller from Math Mammoth sent me downloads of first grade and multiplication workbooks. I've been looking over them--I LIKE THESE! I see pages that are going to be really helpful with my visual learner. (I have to put a new toner cartridge in my printer ASAP!)

We are listening to the lively "Moses" CD from Bible Story Songs!

We're playing with Noah's Ark from One2Believe!

I am expecting something from Apologia, watching not so patiently for the mail each day. ;) If you want to take a peek for why I'm crossing my fingers, some families have gotten this one.

I was told to expect something from Five in a Row, but I have either been overlooked on this one or my package is lost in the mail.

I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me!

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