Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homeschooling in Transition

We are in temporary housing in the midst of a move. We're doing some career exploration while we're here. We've seen packers and movers. Now, we're investigating what hotel workers do. I brought along the abacus so that we can do some Mathletics, both on the screen and on the abacus. I brought along a ginormous stack of StoryBuilders cards from Write Shop. We're reading a chapter book, Andi's Scary School Days, by Susan Marlow, and I'll print some activity pages to go along with it while we're in temporary housing. I brought along Vocabulary Cartoons. We're using a new Talking Fingers program, Wordy Querty. I brought a unit study from Curiosity Files, too. We've got lots to do.

Right now, Li'l Bit is writing a story. She just asked me how to spell "bronze".

How do you homeschool when you are in transition?

1 comment:

Chef Penny said...

That sounds awesome! Good planning on your part.

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