Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Progress in Mindfulness and Self-Regulation

Our new state requires school physicals for school enrollment. I took my government-schooled kids for their physicals very early this morning.

I had to wake the kids, and my homeschooler (the child with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis) woke very snotty and with no appetite.

Great. (sarcasm)

That's a recipe for dysregulation. For acting out, being loud, screechy, protesting, unable to manage herself in unfamiliar/new situations.

As we headed to the doctor's office, she asked what would happen. We told her she was not getting a physical this morning. She whined, almost screeching, that she did not want to go.

I told her that none of us wanted to go.

And that she needed to get control of herself. Twin brother told her he didn't want to be embarrassed by her. Great. (sarcasm) Telling her she can be embarrassing can increase her anxiety and make her behavior worse.

I suggested she figure out how she was going to wait through the short appointments.

And she began to talk to herself about sitting quietly and waiting.

In the waiting area of the doctor's office, she gave us one small outburst. And then she pulled herself together, hunger, snotty, runny nose and all.

She's growing more competent in mindfulness and self-regulation. Sometimes, I see miracles as I watch her make discoveries. Yes, we have a way to go. Yet, she has come so far.

I am so grateful for RDI(r).

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Yay! WTG Rella! Lots of love & cheering from Utah.

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