Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leftover Baked Potatoes

My children like baked potatoes. I usually bake more than we need for one meal, but my children complain that leftover, warmed-up baked potatoes are yucky and they refuse to eat them.

Today, I sliced cold, straight from the refrigerator leftover baked potatoes, drizzled them w/ oil, salt, and pepper (actually, hubby did that part), and wrapped them in parchment paper and reheated them on the bbq grill where we were grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

Thumbs up! The 'recipe' is a KEEPER!

My photography skills need a bit of work. I quickly snapped a photo before the second potato disappeared, and it is a bit fuzzy.

1 comment:

Cristi said...

Yummy! I know we're supposed to grill a few times this week -- maybe I'll throw some potatoes out there too.

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