Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roasted Salmon; Spiced & Smashed Sweet Potatoes; Roasted Broccoli

I stay on the hunt for recipes and meals that I can prepare for our entire family so that our kitchen less resembles a coney-island type restaurant.

I'm finding that old-timey cookbooks are better (because the recipes were written before the easy access to cans of cream-of-something soup and to cheeses); meat cookbooks are better; and whole-food and market style cookbooks are better for opportunities to find recipes that I can make as-is or easily convert to make for the whole family.

I've abandoned Taste of Home and Southern Living type magazines and recipe books that rely on shortcuts like starting with a can of croissant or biscuit dough or a lot of cream-of-something-soups and shredded cheeses and mix-a-bunch-of-foods-together casseroles and have exchanged them for Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen and those type magazines and recipe books that rely on cooking from scratch and have a more whole-foods approach.

I spotted three recipes in an online newspaper that are either GFCF or are easy to convert, appear to be fairly simple to make, sound positively tasty to me, and are worth passing along to you in case you too are looking for something new to make:


Di said...

I will definitely try these... thanks!

Anonymous said...

That salmon sounds yummy!

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