Friday, December 9, 2011

Field Trip - Governor's Mansion

Our state's first lady has opened the governor's mansion for holiday tours. I signed my homeschooler and me up for a tour with some friends we met at art class. I'd never have considered this; I'm so glad our friends suggested it.

We came home with a unique Christmas ornament - a 24k gold plate sprig of pine needles that came from the grounds at the mansion. And we purchased a $2 booklet about the residence, which is a wonderful resource for a homeschooler in a new state. We have a lot to learn.

The tour was a perfect field trip for us. Free! :) The tour is self-guided and self-paced, which makes it very friendly to children with attention issues and the need to move around. The staff there do a *fantastic* job allowing people inside in a way that keeps the tour from being too crowded.

The CHRISTmas decorations are (of course) stunning.

The off-site parking is close to the mansion, very well organized, and buses are waiting to return you to that off site parking lot as soon as you are ready. The whole thing is very efficient. The set-up is so friendly to kids like mine who need a little more space and a little more time and the opportunity to explore on her timetable.

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