Monday, January 2, 2012

Scholastic Warehouse Sale Finds

We continue to chase interests in our homeschool. My reluctant reader needs books that interest her, that draw her in, that tell her more about a subject she likes, to give her the practice and experience that she needs.

And last month, I found a series of books that is new to me, a series that will allow us to chase some interests and address some academics as well. I love a two-fer.

Scholastic Warehouse Sales are a great resource. (Go HERE to find one near you. Be sure to sign up for email updates so that you will be notified when a sale is happening in your area.)

I have been to two Scholastic Warehouse Sales in two states. I could stay for hours and browse the books. Most books are 50% off.

I found a group of books that is new to me. The book about The Beatles caught my eye. You can see it here. My girl is a rock-and-roll fan and she likes The Beatles. There were quite a few similar books shelved with the book about The Beatles, including one about Rosa Parks, another about Barack Obama; Marco Polo; Abraham Lincoln; Walt Disney; Albert Einstein. There is a long list of titles inside the back covers of the books; they are published by Grosset & Dunlap, and the web site listed on the back cover is Amazon has them.

I gave her "Who Were The Beatles" for Christmas. We're home again after a trip to my parents' house, and tonight, she picked up that book and read two chapters aloud. She learned about John and Paul in those two chapters.

I love it. I hope her interest continues.
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