Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deluxe Wand Full-Size Corded Massager Review (and Contest)

Are you wondering about a gift for mom for Mother's Day? Here's an idea:

We received a wonderful review item that the whole family can use: the Deluxe Therapy Full Size Therapeutic Massager by Walh.

The Deluxe Wand is not just for moms.  When I learned about the review opportunity, I thought about it for my child who is on the autism spectrum.  We have used massagers for sensory calming in the past.  The massager arrived on a Saturday morning when my son had not one, not two, but THREE baseball games on the calendar.  (They won two of three that day and went on to win the tournament.) The guys in the family eyed it with some excitement, knowing that they'd be sore by the end of the weekend.  I am thinking ahead to marching band camp. The students may like having the Deluxe Wand for arms, backs, and shoulders at night after holding up heavy instruments, flags, rifles from dark to dark.  (The moms at camp who are sewing all week would probably appreciate a back rub with it, too.)

My eldest decided to plug it in and try it out - and she handed it to me.  I moved it over my shoulder and to my back the way I might use a back scratcher.  Oh. my. goodness.  So relaxing. 

Retailing for $45.99 (or less), the Deluxe Wand massager is corded (which means no battery; it must be connected to an electrical outlet in order to use it--and that is my one disappointment with this particular model), gives users two speeds and three attachments to address a variety of needs at home.  The massager arrived with the smooth attachment in place, with instructions that explained how to change attachments to either the kneading attachment for deep tissue or the deep attachment for muscles.  Pretty simple.  Feels wonderful, especially if I can talk hubby or one of the kids into using it on my back (as opposed to my positioning it like I would position a back scratcher).
Wahl's facebook page is here, be sure to head over there for the contest: From April 26-May 13, we’re conducting a contest and giving 50 Wahl therapeutic massagers to 50 hardworking moms to help them ease the aches and pains that come with their busy lives. To enter, simply share a story that conveys your appreciation for the mom in your life and why she deserves some relief. Entries will be judged on their uniqueness and sincerity, so we’re looking forward to reading a lot of stories straight from the heart. Make sure to submit your entry by May 3 so that your mom will be considered for the prize.
Wahl's web site is here.   Wahl's makes other models of massagers, included one with a heat feature.  Check them out! :)

Wahl sent me a Deluxe Therapy Full-Size Corded Massager at no charge to me for review purposes. I get to keep the massager. I was not paid for this review. I am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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