Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Active Participation - Gentle Discipline In Action

I stumbled across a facebook page called Janet Lansbury - Elevating Childcare that comes from a developmental perspective. It is something that would have helped me eight years ago in our do-over, eight years ago when we switched away from a behavioral autism intervention to a developmental, relationship-based intervention.

Back then, we were encouraged to watch younger children, to study the non-verbal foundations of interaction and communication that our kids missed (or lost in regression). I still watch neurotypical children for cues and clues to better use myself with my girl who is on the autism spectrum.

I am happy to tell you, Janet Lansbury posted a video on facebook today that may help you on your journey.

The link is HERE.  Watch how the teacher slows her pace to allow each child to interact, non-verbally.  Watch how she waits for each child to offer his/her own hands to be wiped.  Watch how she scaffolds an interaction by opening the banana and then allowing one of the children to strip the peel away.  The teacher stays close, she uses few words, she is big on actions, and she works at a pace that allows each child to be an active participant with her.  Not once does she assume a child won't respond.  Not once does she rush through hand wiping and wipe the hands of a child who has not yet engaged.


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