Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Search of New Recipes

We are still stuck in a rut (again. or still). I make the same handful of meals over and over. We are tired of the same old same old, and I continue to look for recipes that might please my picky eaters while fitting the dietary restrictions of one child.

I have to make a cake or cupcakes for a birthday party later this week that my GFCF+++er will attend. 

Eldest and I headed to the local library for the first time to look for books to check out. I have borrowed e-books for my e-reader, but had not borrowed any hardbacks or paperbacks until now.

 I borrowed Carol Fenster's "Cooking Free"; Leslie Hammond & Lynne Marie Rominger's "the Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook"; Donna Washburn and Heather Butt's, "125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes"; Roben Ryberg's, "The Gluten-Free Kitchen"; and "Slow Cooker Revolution" by America's Test Kitchen.

Right off the bat, I find Coq Au Vin in the Fenster book, but Fenster says "It's absolutely delicious and perfect for a fall or winter day."  I would prefer not to heat the oven and have the oven competing with the air conditioning on this hot July day.  If I save the recipe, will I remember to try it in fall or winter?  And why did the publisher of this cookbook separate recipes in such a way that the directions are on the back of the ingredient page?

Fenster's "Cooking Free" offers 200 recipes that are not simply gluten free, they are for folks with multiple food allergies.  So is "the Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook" by Hammond and Rominger.

"125 Gluten-Free Recipes" has a good number of recipes we can use, although some use milk products.

Ryberg's "The Gluten-Free Kitchen" offers 135 recipes that are just gluten free. If you are more than gluten free, you'll need to know how to substitute. 

I think I'll spend some time with the slow cooker cookbook.  America's Test Kitchen has not failed me yet, and they tend to produce more recipes that don't use cream-of-something soup or flour.  They tend to publish recipes that are good as-is or are easy to substitute.

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