Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Our family has had a month of technical difficulties. My laptop - purchased less than a year ago, an HP from Costco w/ a Toshiba hard drive - CRASHED. AGAIN. I was without a laptop for over two weeks.

We have Spanish files on the laptop; one of our math programs is online; we were using the DVD player on the laptop for IEW and another math program.

My public schooler not only completes homework on the laptop, but one of her classes requires that she watch online instructional videos every night.

When we finally got the laptop back with hard drive #3, we had just a few days to play catch up when our internet went out. We had spotty, on-and-off access over the weekend and then the whole thing went out for the rest of the week. Every time I phoned the ISP, I got a recorded message informing me that they were repairing an area-wide outage in my area. The story through the grapevine that I heard is that a man hit a utility pole down the street while texting and driving.

We are playing catch up again. I am catching up on reviews and my Homeschool Mosaics column. I'll blog again soon. We're still catching up on schoolwork that dragged along during the down times. Stay tuned. ;)

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