Thursday, August 23, 2012


We are tackling Spanish again with the child who is on the autism spectrum, and for the first time for her typically developing twin brother. 

We are using Spanish for You! as part of a review at the moment, and I couldn't resist buying a Spanish workbook at the warehouse club to go with it.  I saw Buenas Noches Luna at a local Marshall's store and purchased it, too.

Spanish for You! has lesson plans for older children and younger children, so I am able to customize for my same-age learners who are working at different levels. 

I took Spanish in college because it was required and I barely got by. When we lived in California in the early 90's, I took a Conversational Spanish offered by a local community education organization, and the teacher there used a lot of materials for children with the class of adults.

I'll continue to look for materials in Spanish; I'm sure I can find a Bible and the last couple of times we went to the Scholastic warehouse, there were story books in Spanish for sale. 

I think we're off to a good start! 


walking said...

Did you get the audio version of Buenas Noches, Luna? It is VITAL to build an ear for Spanish first. Think about how children develop their first language....

Penny said...

Great minds think alike, Tammy! I went to the library this morning in search of audio stories and DVDs. The selection was slim. I'll keep looking. I found more books for children.

The librarian introduced me to Rocket Languages available through the library's web site with access via my library card. I'll be using that some, too.

The Spanish program we are using comes with audio files so we get to hear correct pronunciation, and yet, I want more for the kids.

Sheila said...

I saw this workbook too. I tried to learn Spanish for 2 years in college and it never clicked. My kids are learning Chinese and German. I let them pick a language that interested them the most. Good luck to us all! :)

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