Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Medieval History Memory Game from Classical Historian

The Classical Historian gave our family Medieval History Memory Game to use and review in our homeschool. Priced at $14.95, the game contains a set of 64 cardboard cards (tiles), and is a traditional matching game. We used to call the game, "Concentration" when I was a girl.

The rules and a list of tile titles are here.

I requested this game to review for my homeschooler who is on the autism spectrum. The age recommendation is 3+, and most memory games are too young for my teenager. She needs practice holding visuals in her memory but Disney or Nickelodeon memory games aimed at preschoolers are simply too babyish for her.

The cards arrived six on a perforated page and I had them popped out in no time. One of the cards is missing part of a picture; the cards are not laminated and part of that picture was torn. We are still able to play with it, although if you have children who tend to be destructive, this is one game you may need to watch. (As a two year old, my child with autism sometimes tore heavy-duty board books in two with her bare hands.)

This memory game is a super learning tool for a child with special needs. We limit our game to just 20 cards at a time, and we could choose to limit to a smaller number. My kid likes to look at, read, the cards, match them face up, too, and exposure to new terms and vocabulary is always a good thing. We use a lot of index cards at my house and in this case, we can write vocab on the index cards and look up them up and define them on the cards.

Playing the game on the bed makes it seem less like school.

I like this game. We'll be able to work through the cards slowly, learning about each place or person. The box is small enough to take along with us. We can take it to Nana and Poppa's when we visit and play it with the little cousins. I like introducing new material in unique ways.

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