Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet 16

Sixteen years ago today, I became a mom. As I got to know my new baby girl in the hospital, I never imagined she'd be away from home on her Sweet 16. She's at camp. I've been sneaking cards into the mail so she'd have mail when she arrives. And I managed to sneak a box of surprises to camp with friends. I hope the goodies reached her counselor in time for an early morning surprise. :)
I tried to organize a birthday card blast for her, too. Hopefully, she'll get a big stack of mail. I can't wait to see her Friday night!

1 comment:

Jim Reeve said...

That's nice Penny. My son is nine right now, and its hard for me to imagine him being a teenager. But the real scary thing is, how old am I.?

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