Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spotted on the Clearance Aisle...

FYI: Kohl's has some sports clothing on clearance right now. I found compression shirts and shorts on the clearance rack. For those of you whose kids benefit from snug clothing for proprioceptive input, you might take a look in the men's department. The men's small was on the small side. My son who wears a men's small found them too tight, so those of you with preteen kids may find something there that fits. kohls dot com has some on sale, too, if you want to look - and in boys sizes. type "compression" in the search box

1 comment:

Jim Reeve said...

Luckily for us we bought a few uniforms that were the next size up, so we don't have to spend extra money. But it never hurts to buy some clothes that are on sale.

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