Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Food Network

Dear Food Network: I would like to pitch an idea for a new show, a new show that features not a self-righteous grandmother who declares that children should eat what you set before them (Nancy Fuller/Farmhouse Rules who says she raised her children that way and expects the same of her grandchildren) but a show that features someone who cooks for kids with a long list of food allergies and for problem feeders.


Diane said...

Don't ya wish? I keep thinking that a Chopped episode using no chemicals,colors,allergens, unfriendly textures to children, oh, and easy to swallow and digest-

Bet that would stump them!

walking said...

With all the autistic people and gluten free folks in the world, it would be a hit. In fact, it could be a reality show with some how-to-GPR with your autie segments. :-)

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