Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baseball Season!

My son's private school does not have a baseball team (yet). So, he hasn't gotten to play baseball yet this year. Travel season begins in May, and the travel team had a scrimmage last weekend. I'm excited to see my boy play!
His sister (my homeschooler who has ASD) is not thrilled about baseball season and I find I must again guide her to manage herself during games so that I am able to watch my son. I thought we conquered this last year but reality has us revisiting it. I noticed that she reacts and ducks at the sound of a bat hitting the ball. I was hit on the head with a ball a year ago and she remembers that.

One of my goals for her is to begin to endure/tolerate some 'boring' or undesirable activities, and quietly. We will do a lot of previewing and planning. I want to build on this memory:

And again this year, she and I will be generating some ideas of activities she can do at the park, some to do alone, some to do with other siblings. Then we will begin gathering items and putting them into a 'park-pack' for baseball games. Note to self: Don't forget the calming essential oils.

Play ball! 

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