Friday, November 7, 2014

Question: How to Establish a Special Olympics Program?

Have any of you attempted to establish a Special Olympics program in your town? I desire a figure skating program that takes skaters to compete in a Special Olympics event. I waited two and a half years for a program, and our program turned out to be short (four to six weeks) learn-to-skate sessions that are few and far between. I'm disappointed. We moved from a region with lots of skaters to a region with two ice arenas. The region recently added a third arena. Six sheets of ice. That's it. Finding ice time for a program for kids with special needs is not a priority. Recreational adult hockey leagues are a priority. They pay the bills.

I contacted Special Olympics and the answer I got told me we are stuck with whatever events are offered in this county, and figure skating is not among the offerings. Neither is speed skating. First, getting information is next to impossible for homeschoolers. I learned in May - three years after we moved here - about one track and field program. And two, my kid doesn't DO track and field events. She figure skates.

Isn't there an avenue in Special Olympics for kids like mine, with a sport/talent that isn't offered locally? Stinks for kids who move from one region to another.

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