Saturday, February 20, 2016



My son is playing for a new-to-us baseball team, a younger player on the junior varsity, and today, I went to a varsity preseason scrimmage to scout the venue and activity with my special needs teen in mind.

I hope she can help in the concession stand. She meets the age requirement. But today, during my scouting trip, I learned that there is a french fryer in the middle of the room, hot coffee, and a warmer for hamburgers and hot dogs in the stand. Why a french fryer on a table in the middle of the stand? Give me a break.

Well, maybe I can bring enough activities for my girl to do as she sits in the stands with me. I went to scout that area. Right off the bat (pun intended), a HUGE obstacle. From the scorer's box, someone was playing VERY LOUD music, movie audio clips of dialogue, and sound effects. Every time a baseball popped up and outside the fences, that disc jockey played a painful sound effect of glass breaking, I suppose the sound of a windshield breaking. Why is that necessary? Give me a break.

I love to watch my boy play. Autism and sensory overload and PANDAS have robbed me of too many games. We're in high school now, and I WANT TO BE THERE. I wish we could get a break, one that would allow my girl to be successful at her brother's baseball games, a safe role in the concession stand or enough peace and quiet that she can stay regulated in the stands. Being a special needs mom is hard enough without all the extra obstacles.

Whine over,

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