Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Vacation

My sister's family met me at our halfway point, a 300 mile drive for each of us, to return my oldest child to me after three weeks at her grandparents' home. My sister's clan and my girls and I spent two days together in Florence, Y'all.
The top picture is Barbara and me. Barbara is an internet friend whom I now know in real life! Barbara is one of my TOS Homeschool Crewmates, and met us us at the Creation Museum with guest passes for us! Barbara has two beautiful daughters who came, too. We arrived at 10 am for the opening with a gazillion other people and every tour bus in the country except the Duggars'. We whizzed through at record pace (1.5 hours, and part of that in the bookstore) because of the heavy crowds on Wednesday. My daughter who is on the autism spectrum was overwhelmed by the crowds, and honestly, there were just too many people there that morning for us to really get to take the time we needed to take to see it all. I learned today that there was a huge conference of Free Will Baptists (5000 or so) at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati while we were there, which would explain the unusually large crowd and all the tour buses yesterday.

The Creation Museum is INCREDIBLE and all of us wished for more time to spend there -- we all want to return at a time when we can see it at a slower pace. And we all would like to return at Christmas, too.

The lifesize Noah's Ark is jaw-dropping-amazing.

My photos loaded out of order -- and I'm too PooPed to straighten them out.

The cousins had a fine time playing the Wii in the hotel room. If you ever go to the Creation Museum, be sure to stay at the Ashley Quarters and rent the Wii for the night. The kids will love you for it! :)



Christy said...

Sounds like fun! Too bad it was too'll just have to come back! The Christmas display is fun.

Michelle Smith said...

I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I never made it to the Creation museum--it hadn't opened yet when we moved away from that area. Maybe someday.

walking said...

I have a case of serious envy! I have wanted to go there for quite some time . . . maybe a road trip some day . . .

Sheri said...

That museum is on the top of my list-hopefully, in the next month or so we will get there. If you think that the crowds were bad at the CM, try the Smithsonian Nat'l History one-Zoinks! That was almost sickening-and the Space museum too-I felt dizzy and ill with all them peoples. Glad you had a great time and met a fellow mate! Whoohoo.

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