Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waiting By The Phone -- CALL ME!

My TOS tote bag is anxiously awaiting the return of a friend who went and R..U..N..N..O..F..T from her family for a sightseeing vacation. (I'm a little worried that my bag will attempt an escape, too, with that kind of role model.)

My Crewmate Sheri has been blogging about her bag's chronicles here.

My poor bag is sitting by the phone, WAITING for a call from Sheri's bag when Sheri's bag returns home. She says she wants to let her pink handles down with a friend. She wants to see logo to logo, the album of pictures and hear the tales from Sheri's tote bag from that adventure.


Sheri said...

I am ROTFL for sure! What a hoot! I will be sure to have ole totes call yours and fill your tote in. It wasn't all fun and glory-after all, it had to work for its supper, caught a cold riding the DC Metro and was almost stepped on several times-Maybe we can do a TOS Tote Meet up soon!
PS: Thanks for linking my blog! I will do the same!

Jean said...

LOL, my tote is *jealous*!

It's just a working tote, after all, and hardly ever gets to go sightseeing, much less use a phone...

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