Friday, August 3, 2012

The 3-Minute Difference

I didn't have time or energy to review books, yet when "The 3-Minute Difference" popped up as a review opportunity, I couldn't turn it down after I read the book description.   I'm disorganized and overweight, for starters, and attempts to address those challenges are overwhelming to me.  I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me that I cannot fix myself.
Wayne Nance's life was out of control once. He smoked. He was obese. His marriage was a mess and he was in debt. And he found a way out. He says he can help others out, too.

I was interested.

First is the 3-Minute Survey. I described myself by choosing from lists of adjectives and sent my choices off to be assessed. The whole thing seemed a little bit hokey to me, a little "cootie catcher" to me, but I was willing to see what Nance says the choices I made describing myself say about me.

I was not ready for the results. Well, in some ways I was ready. In others, not. I'm not sure how choosing a few adjectives while ignoring other adjectives gives Nance that much insight into a person.

He *nailed* me. And he opened a door to insight and perspective about myself that I recognize is there that will help me move forward. 

Let me give you an excerpt from the book, from page 87: "This means that 40% of the population is not predisposed to what we call 'responsibility.' ... Practically speaking, your wiring puts you at risk for lifestyle problems like obesity and debt."  That insight is power.  If I am not predisposed to responsibility, I have to work harder at being responsible and I need to KNOW that I have to work harder at it.

"3-Minute Difference" walks the reader through finding his or her pattern and in families, how individual patterns work together in a family unit.

And Nance takes me through the challenging steps that will change me for the better.  I have to change my attitude.  And I can change my life. 

You'll have to stay tuned because I am a work in progress. Nance's words make sense and he breaks things down in a way that I can begin to apply. I still feel like a bit of a failure because I don't seem to be moving fast enough for me. I can't let my own thoughts bring me down, and Nance reminds me to concentrate on the successes, even when they are few or small.

The survey is HERE.

The book is priced at $16.99 and Nance includes the survey in the book and he walks you through interpreting your "score" (your pattern).  Or you may choose to take the survey online and choose from report options there.

I like the insight into myself.  I like the encouragement.  I like the way Nance walks me through steps and goal setting.  It seems doable and within my reach, and practical.  Thumbs up.

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Bright Side of Life said...

Penny, this book sounds fascinating. Just one thing... don't put yourself down, you look wonderful. Sincerely, Di.

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