Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art & Experience Sharing

We began with an idea that I saw on facebook:

Add three girls, some cardstock, some markers, some oil pastels, some crayons and about an hour of art time and...

The experience sharing was fabulous. No prompting. No pressure to talk or respond. Just creating, together, sharing.

"I haven't decided on my color scheme, yet."  

"I wonder if we could draw anything and still get the 3D effect? A circle or square, for example."  

"I *love* your Easter egg!"

"I shouldn't have used crayon. It doesn't look as good as marker." (I was disappointed that mine wasn't up to par.)

My girl with autism tried to reassure me: "The crayon is very nice, Mom, but I think I like the marker better." 

1 comment:

walking said...

How lovely!

I left my art supplies at home except for the watercolor pencils. Hmmmm.....

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