Saturday, January 4, 2014

Loose Change

What do you do with loose change? I began keeping an inexpensive plastic container near my laundry area to hold loose change from pockets and moving it to the car for an occasional order of french fries or a coke in a drive through.
The plastic container is not the best thing for the car. It rolls around out of reach.

While shopping for Christmas last month, I spotted a problem solver. It was heavily discounted and I had a coupon, too, a Totes auto coin counter that fits into the cup holder of your car. (Amazon has them here.)

Small steps in organization. I can leave the plastic container near the laundry area and the coin counter in a cup holder in the car. Yay, me!


Bright Side of Life said...

What a great idea. Spare change doesn't last long with me... due to the high population of our country and not enough jobs to go around (and the crime!), we have 'car guards'. They are to be found in all parking lots and they keep an eye on our cars. Spare change goes to them.. if I have any!

walking said...

Very cool idea. Steve keeps his change for the laundry. Being a geo-bachelor, he doesn't need to do laundry as often as the rest of us do. I usually buy some McCafe when I have enough.

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