Sunday, January 26, 2014


I would like for my kid with ASD to join us for sibling performances and sporting events. The last 'first' was a disaster. We failed to preview an event without her and we walked into a a sensory nightmare. We didn't anticipate our son's football game being so chaotic and noisy. The private school brings speakers and music to blast ('blast' is an understatement) at the football game, and finding an area safe from the noise assault proved difficult when my child was dysregulated by the people and the noise.
I attended my first ever winter guard show this weekend. I was able to preview it without my sensory-sensitive kid. I am not sure my sensory-sensitive kid will be able to tolerate the crowd and the noise. The music that accompanies the guard routines is extremely loud. The gym is stuffy and crowded with people. I'm not sure ear plugs or noise canceling headphones are enough to combat the sensory overload of a winter guard competition. At least, this time, I was able to scout the situation before attempting to take the girl along to a show.

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